OX365 Charity Work

At OX365 we are keen to be involved with as many local charities and events as possible, our recent charity activities have ranged from homeless charities to cat re-homing then on to mental health and more!

Central Oxford Stroke Support Group

We started off our charity endeavours in August 2019 when David and Stephen met with The Stroke Association (Central Oxford Stroke Support Group) and presented them with 2 iPads to help stroke survivors cope with the challenges faced during rehabilitation.

Among the many effects suffered by stroke survivors, they can often lose the ability to speak and suffer physical and balance difficulties because of damage to parts of the brain which send signals to the muscles. By having an iPad a stroke survivor can communicate more easily just by using a single finger. The ability to communicate is one of the key aspects to making a successful recovery, helping the individual express their needs and feelings again.

OX365 Stroke Charity featured image

To find out more about the work undertaken by The Stroke Association visit https://www.stroke.org.uk/

APCAM Ball 2019

In November 2019 we were asked to sponsor a table at the inaugural APCAM Ball– this is a charity particularly close to us at OX365 as one of its founding trusteesis our own Content and Social Media Manager Lauren Jacobs. This local charity offers support to parents and carers of children and young people with mental health issues and associated needs. The event raised over £4000 and we look forward to being involved in their 2020 events.

APCAM (Assisting Parents of Children Affected by Mental Health) is a new charity based in Oxfordshire who provide group support for parents and carers who havechildren that are experiencing mental health issues. APCAM is open to everyone no matter what the child’s age or needs, offering full and frank group discussions, coping strategies and ongoing mental health training. APCAM also provides school workshops for children to better understand their mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more about APCAM visit https://www.apcamgroup.org.uk

Race Night 2019

Instead of the traditional end of year booze up we decided that we’d like to do something a bit different last year. As committed gamers and in particular lovers of a racing game we decided to hold our own Grand Prix!Supported by some of our brilliant clients we went to The Race Hut in Oxford, with 16 participants our Web Developer Andy McNeil ended the evening victorious! His chosen charity for the winnings was Homeless Oxfordshire.

Andy who has just recently moved to Oxford from Glasgow was struck by the great work being done to combat homelessness in Oxfordshire – in particular their wide range of different fundraising efforts helping reduce homelessness is the county.

To find out more or make a donation to Homeless Oxfordshire visit https://www.homelessoxfordshire.uk

Four Paws Cat Rescue – Garsington – Feb 2020

Recently we were asked by local Cats Rescue Charity 4 Paws to help fix their website. After Andy, our web developer, spent a lot of hours trying to fix the site, the age of it meant that we couldn’t save their current website.

Instead of fixing we migrated their website to our hosting package saving them two thirds on the previous cost. We also refreshed their website and redesigned the logo giving the site a small overhaul and saving them money!

To find out more about Four Paws visit https://www.fourpawscatrescue.org.uk

Rowing Challenge – April 2020

Our first crazy fundraising scheme of 2020 see us putting together a rowing team. Some of us have never set foot in a rowing boat so fortunately this one is taking place firmly on land!

In collaboration with North Oxford Rotary Association we will be raising money for Parkinson’s UK and Down Syndrome Oxford (along with the usual array of local Rotary charities) by rowing a half marathon. We are entering a team of four and hoping that we can raise more than the £400 entry fee – please contact us to sponsor.

Taking place on 25th April we are all now frantically training at any given opportunity, we look forward to seeing (and hopefully beating!) the other teams when the event takes place at The Athlete Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford.

To find out more about the Rowathon for 2020 https://www.oxfordnorthrotary.org.uk/rowathon-2020 and to sponsor us please email office@ox365.co.uk