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Most issues can be solved within minutes by our remote support team, but on occasion a site visit is required. 

Call to book an engineer to visit your work space.

Engineers can be dispatched to your site to assist in network troubleshooting, desktop and server repair, network cable installation and system upgrade floor walking. 

Why choose OX365?

If you would like complete GDPR support in additional to that which is included in OX365s support services, or  if you would like a quote for our consultants to manage your GDPR documentation production as standalone package please contact our team.

Don’t worry, we assist in your Gap analysis, your process and data mapping, policy drafting and implementation.  Some of your GDPR work will be included in our support agreements at no extra cost.  

GDPR compliance implementation can be a challenge for businesses of any size, and many organisations are in need of assistance understand the complexities. Our GDPR practitioners can assist data controllers, data processors and data protection officers understand and fulfil their obligations.

    Let's discuss your IT situation

    Give us a call today on 0330 44 55 365  to discuss your current IT situation and how OX365 can help you get the most out of your IT with down to earth assistance that won't bore you to death.

    Areas covered

    The GDPR Gap analysis and risk assessments function is to analyse and demonstrate the current adherence to the GDPR of your organisation, and identify areas requiring improvement.

    The steps to completing your GAP Analysis report are:

    • We will review your existing policy documentation
    • Create an inventory of your data, assets, personnel roles, service providers and processes
    • Data flow analysis
    • Gap analysis
    • Summary report and recommended action

    Problems covered

    Following the completion of the Gap Analysis, we can assist in the implementation of your GDPR compliance. This will comprise of working with your staff to:

    • Refine business processes
    • Implement policies
    • Maintain and refresh assessments and controls
    • Provide support and licensing for the monitoring tools, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing if required
    • Train your team on their obligations

    Give our expert team a call today on 0330 4455 365