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We’re here for all types of hardware and software computer repairs you may need.

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Business & home computer repairs oxford

OX365 has engineers  for repairs of any type of IT equipment from servers and laptops to high powered gaming PC’s and iMacs.

We know the importance of your data, and business downtime can be  extremely costly. We recognise the need for swift and efficient repairs that are affordable to keep your business moving. 

Computer repairs are included in all our managed IT support agreements at no extra charge.  

When a computer breaks it can cause a disruption to your daily routine and business activities can come to a halt. OX365 can repair your pc or laptop and get it working again in no time.

Computer Repairs Service or Support Contract

We offer a fixed fee diagnostic and repair if your device is under our support contract, if your device is not covered under our support contract then OX365 will fix your device at the lowest possible price. The support contract ensures that your systems are covered in the event of a breakdown.

Our computer repair contract offers:

  • IPhone support
  • IOnline ticket service manager
  • IVirus diagnostics and protection
  • ISite visits to check on systems

A monitoring service is also provided, meaning we regularly check your systems and alert you if we see any faults. This is recommended, particularly if a disaster recovery was required before joining our support line, because it lowers the risk of a serious fault from occurring again.

We also offer to repair devices for both home and business users with anything from Virus Infections, non-boot, broken screens and data recovery. OX365 can cover you in any situation.

We realise that it can sometimes be difficult to transport your devices to get them fixed. OX365 also offers a collection and delivery service as well as onsite computer repair and installation services.

If it as emergency computer repair, we will get your device back to you as quick as we can. We will also deliver and set the device back up for you at your site. Technicians are also available to offer on hand advice and support, which we do not charge for.

The computer repairs we supply are:

  • IOS Installation
  • ISystem Upgrades
  • ISoftware Installation
  • IHardware Installation
  • ISystem Configuration
  • ISoldering
  • IVirus Removal
  • IVirus Protection
  • IMalware Removal
  • ISystem Clean-up
  • ISystem Tune-up

Computer types:

  • ILaptop Repairs
  • IDesktop PC Repairs
  • IMac Repairs
  • IServer Repairs

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