Backup & Disaster Recovery

OX365 is here to save the day when things go wrong.

Have you considered what you would do if all of a sudden all your business critical data vanished? If your hardware or software fails, if you are subject to a cyber-attack or virus? Would your business be able to continue operating, and withstand the damage to your reputation?

OX365 provide disaster recovery risk assessments, implementation, recovery testing, and backup and replication monitoring to ensure your business can recover any and all systems and data quickly. 

Our disaster recovery solutions are designed to meet your business needs however large or small, and whatever industry or your data storage needs are. We have our own secure data servers in multiple locations ensuring that there is a fail-safe option for your data backups, and the capacity to launch copies of your computers and servers if your offices are lost. 

We provide backup management as standard with our managed support agreement.  See cloud data backup for more information on our standalone backup products.

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