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Social Media Management

Build your online presence and engage your audience with effective social media management.
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Grow your audience with Social Media Marketing

Social media provides a vehicle for customers to engage with your business directly and via word of mouth. Developing an effective approach to social media marketing enables you to interact with new businesses and customers personally and in a far more targeted way than ever before.
“Social media provides a vehicle for customers to engage with your business”

Why use Social Media Marketing?

The UK population has in the region of 44 million active social media users on one, or multiple, accounts. Social media management has increasingly become an important marketing tool for any business, from local to multi-national.

One of the major challenges for businesses is, with so many social media channels available to you and your brand, knowing which to use, which to focus on and what to share across these platforms can be quite the problem.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to engage your customers and helps you provide a personalised response. Encouraging conversations with your potential and existing customers can add huge value to your brands trustworthiness.

Creating engaging content for social media, with high quality images that reflect your brands voice, will potentially engage more people than almost any other type of marketing or advertising.

Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media management with OX365 is an excellent way to have the web presence problem taken out of your hands, removing the need to think about optimising content, engagement or promotion. We implement a full strategy based on your business’s needs, with measurable goals and time frames.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media can be a really effective way to engage new audiences, whether by promoting content, advertising products or sponsoring posts. These specific methods can send targeted users to your profile pages, highlight offers or push traffic to your website. You can use paid social media to increase brand visibility or directly make sales. Social media advertising is best used within a coordinated social media campaign, we would advise this is done as part of your full social media management strategy.

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