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Connect your offices with a reliable VoIP telecommunications system.

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Reliable and feature-rich
Voice over IP  systems

The quality of your telephone system can have a positive or adverse effect on customer interactions with your business.  Customers able to reach your staff easily at any time paints a responsive and accessible picture of your business.  On the other hand, engaged tones, poor line quality, confusing menu systems (IVRs), dropped calls and failed transfers can be infuriating for your customers and staff.

An archive of data backup should be maintained as corruption may not be detected until after the older backups have been overwritten, or older backup may need to be reviewed for evidence of activities which have since been deleted from the company systems.

The importance of continuity planning

Following a data risk assessment and GAP analysis, every business should have a plan for how data will be recovered, and systems brought back online following an incident.  As well as how the systems will be recovered, the plan should also describe the Recovery Time Objectives (the acceptable downtime), and Recovery Point Objectives (the frequency of data backups and its oldest copy, taking into account companies contractual obligations to its customers and the potential costs of loss of services.

The myth of secure cloud services

It is a common misconception that services hosted in the cloud are all backed up.  Many are, but you should check with your cloud service provider as to what is included in their backup and recovery planning.

For example, Microsoft includes deleted item retention for Exchange Online and OneDrive of 14 and 30 days respectively.  This is not a backup, and following a data risk assessment, an additional backup and recovery plan should be implemented.

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A good telephony system should be

Many phone providers offer the standard £15 per month per extension/handset model.  Usually these systems are simply a re-packed and resold Gamma product. Ensure you’re getting a fair service that suits your business.


Scale to as many additional handsets as your business may need, in any location it operates in.


Quickly and easily  change call routing, add numbers, configure menus, add customer notifications,  and generate management reports


Operate 24/7, look out
for those five nines service agreements.

Standard VoIP

A standard phone system with features to rival any other, but the best support from experienced engineers.

Owned 3CX System

Take control back with a dedicated phone system owned by your business and supported by us.

All the features of a standard UK system

Control and reduce costs, especially as your business grows beyond 10 extensions.

For example, a 50 user UK customer owned system would be an estimated £350 per month less than a Standard UK Voip System.

Great for international organisations.
Add additional phone systems in each geographic region and link them together.

Choose your own call providers
Add and remove call providers for your phone system based on the best call rates.

Use multiple call providers
Use call providers in combination to seek the best rates. Some providers offer better international rates, and other better local or mobile.

Handsets start at £50 each
OX365 charge a £400 initial setup fee, and a £110 per month minimum support fee per phone system including 10 extensions. Additional extensions incur an additional £5 per month.

Support from as low as £5** per extension

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