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Increase productivity with easy and secure file sharing throughout your business.
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Our culture is one of relationships – enduring partnerships delivering consistent value based on mutual trust and respect.

We regularly liaise with all our customers to gain real insight into, not only how they’re managing with their IT systems, but also how we might be able to improve them. We hold ourselves personally accountable for the success of every one of our customer’s businesses.
Having firm links with local charity and volunteer organizations is at the core of OX365’s business, we take on a range of projects to support these charities and groups.

Self hosted file share

OneDrive, Google drive and Dropbox tend to be the most popular systems to send and share large files between users, teams, and organisations. OX365 can provide the licensing and assist with any off the shelf file sharing platform.

Private hosted exchanges

Alternatively, we can license, manage and host dedicated private cloud alternatives. Dedicated file sharing platforms may be hosted on your own company infrastructure or in our data centre where we can monitor and maintain it as part of our support line. Private file platforms are a similar cost to mainstream public cloud alternatives, but with private sharing, you have more control over where data is shared from.

Features of OX365 Hosted File Exchange

Immediate, fast file synchronisation
Traffic SSL is encrypted
Data backup is included
Similar to Drop box but you know where your data is
File gateway to aggregate data from multiple sources such as servers, google drive, drop box, and OneDrive in a single workstation synchronisation client or web portal.

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