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Co-location & Dedicated Servers

Inter-connect your offices effectively with an in-house dedicated and connected infrastructure.
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Co-location Services

Co-location is a data centre service allowing businesses to have their servers hosted in a data centre. Rack space, IP addresses, bandwidth and power are consumed as required for a monthly fee. All you need to supply is the server and the storage.

The technicians at OX365 can advise you with what server would be best suited for your company.
Generally, server rack space is provided within a code
locked cage, within a secure data centre facility.

Why Co-locate?

Co-location is preferential where it is a security, compliance or economic requirement that your company own its hardware but are provided with the physical security, internet connectivity, and reliability of a data centre.

OX365s data centres have fire suppression systems, multiple top tier carriers with independent north/south fibre connectivity, battery backups and diesel generators. The data centres are manned 24/7 by security and Network Operations teams.

We can assist in setting up your servers in our data centre, and we can monitor your servers for you as part of a support agreement.

Co-Location with third-party datacentres

Following a disaster, we will assist in recovering your data to your own systems, or to our recovery environment which your staff can use if your systems have failed.

Backup management is also included as standard in our complete IT management and support service.

Co-location Services

Dedicated servers have licensing benefits

Dedicated servers also allow OX365 to provide your Microsoft Licensing such as Windows Server, Remote Desktop CALs and Office licensing on monthly agreement. The licensing can also be mixed with certain licenses owned by your organisation, or licenses purchased through Office 365 subscription.

Why go dedicated?

Dedicate servers are ideal if you do not wish to purchase server hardware, and do not wish to share physical servers with other tenants within the Virtual Private Server platform. With our dedicated servers your business has powerful servers dedicated to it, hosted in UK data centres, with power and bandwidth on a fixed monthly fee.

Why choose OX365?

OX365 can assist in choosing the right server solution for your business, and then set-up and maintenance of your systems.

Let's discuss your IT situation

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