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The importance of Data Backup

Data is vulnerable to fire, flood, theft of equipment, and corruption due to system failure, user error, malicious internal or external activity, and malware.

Backups are also vulnerable to corruption and should be checked regularly for integrity and consistency with the data source.
An archive of data backup should be maintained as corruption may not be detected until after the older backups have been overwritten, or older backup may need to be reviewed for evidence of activities which have since been deleted from the company systems.

The importance of continuity planning

Following a data risk assessment and GAP analysis, every business should have a plan for how data will be recovered, and systems brought back online following an incident. As well as how the systems will be recovered, the plan should also describe the Recovery Time Objectives (the acceptable downtime), and Recovery Point Objectives (the frequency of data backups and its oldest copy, taking into account companies contractual obligations to its customers and the potential costs of loss of services.

The myth of secure cloud services

It is a common misconception that services hosted in the cloud are all backed up. Many are, but you should check with your cloud service provider as to what is included in their backup and recovery planning.

For example, Microsoft includes deleted item retention for Exchange Online and OneDrive of 14 and 30 days respectively. This is not a backup, and following a data risk assessment, an additional backup and recovery plan should be implemented.

Data Backup Management

We can plan for, manage, and report on the backup of your desktops, laptops, servers and cloud services. Our backup management services are used independently by small businesses to alleviate the worry of data loss and fulfill your compliance requirements. Larger businesses use our backup management services to supplement their existing IT department and systems.

Data Backup Restoration

Following a disaster, we will assist in recovering your data to your own systems, or to our recovery environment which your staff can use if your systems have failed.

Data Backup management is also included as standard in our complete IT management and support service.

Systems monitoring

We monitor your machines and devices 24/7 and act on any anomalies we see and also help you anticipate problems you could face in the near future.

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