Cloud Services

Improve productivity and simplify your processes with Cloud Services

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On-demand applications and data
through the cloud

Having your services on the cloud brings a load of benefits over the traditional in-house IT solution, through on-demand serving of your applications and files. 

Cloud Services

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Data Backup

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Office 365
Technical Support

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File Share &
Hosted Exchange

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Private Servers

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Hosted VOIP

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Co-location &
Dedicated Servers

Save time, money and space all while improving your business processes and
opening up new avenues to do business. 

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is where all your services and data is served via the internet rather than through costly in-house hardware that is prone to damage and failure. Cloud services allow you to scale up or down your business IT operations in relation to your business growth. 

Powerful data centers utilise multiple locations that ensure your data is delivered quickly and with multiple redundancy systems the data is kept safe from disasters. 

Services like Data Backup, File Share Gateways, Hosted VoIP Telephony, Office 365, Virtual Private Servers and Co-location/Dedicated Servers can all be served over the cloud.

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What are the benefits?

Cost reduction

Cloud services will save money over traditional in-house servers and devices. 


It’s easy to scale up and down your requirements for servers and capacity as your business grows. 


Add and remove users at will and only pay for the data and bandwidth used overall.

Improved performance

The performance of applications, virtual machines etc. will all be allocated the right amount of  processing power.

Increased reliability

Multiple data-centres in multiple locations provide a level of redundancy that’s impossible with static in-house hardware.

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