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What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a platform that uses networks of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, maintain and process data, rather than storing it on a local server or personal computer. It is a way of storing and accessing data over the internet instead of the computer’s hard drive.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual private servers (VPS) are securely partitioned physical servers allowing economic use of hardware resources resulting in lower costs.  The hardware the Virtual Private Server runs may host multiple VPS’s across multiple tenants.

Why do companies use VPS?

Servers rarely use their modern physical servers to their full potential.  Often a server will idle using merely 1% of its processing capacity.  Memory is and storage is usually purchased to cater for an estimated 3-5-year growth, and will rarely be used to in its entirety in that time.  The servers will draw power 24/7, require monitoring, technical support, and expensive warranties.  Licensing is purchased in blocks and cannot be refunded if the company down sizes.  

A VPS is elastic, utilising only the resources and licensing it needs, and by sharing the costs attached to the physical hardware with multiple tenants reduces costs and carbon footprint, and increases versatility.


Are Virtual Private Services right for my company or project?

If you are not sure if a VPS is a good fit for your requirements, please contact us for a no fee consultation.

Moving to Virtual Private Servers from existing servers

Do you have physical servers in your office or datacentre?  Physical servers have initial high purchase, warranty, licensing and upgrade costs.

It may be more efficient to move your server workloads to a Virtual Private Server platform.  We can manage your servers for you on our datacentre servers or in public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.  The capacity of a VPS can be scaled up or down to cope with changes in its workload.  For example; a server providing ecommerce website facilities may need additional resources to cope with a product launch, or a company file server may need increased storage for additional staff.

Support for your existing Virtual Private Servers

Systems administration is at the core of what we do at OX365.  We can provide additional technical support to your VPS environment direct to your staff or to supplement your existing IT department.


Virtual Private Servers hosted by OX365

We can provide and assist with the implementation of dedicated virtual networks, virtual routers, public IP addresses and Virtual Private Servers. 

The platform is run on high performance servers in UK datacentres with N+1 redundancy on all components. 

We can provide monthly licensing for most products, including Microsoft under the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement, alternatively you can also use your own Microsoft licenses on hosts dedicated to your organisation.

Virtual Private Servers hosted on AWS or Azure

We can assist in the configuration, support, management and licensing of server infrastructures hosted on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.  Please call for more information, and initial capacity planning consultation and preliminary estimated costs.

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